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H.Y.P.E. – Healthy Youth Peer Education

amplifying teens’ voice through media making


H.Y.P.E. stands for voice.

All too often, youth voices are drowned out or downright ignored in our communities.  We give the students the means to build their abilities to harness and engage digital spaces and tools to explore and share their perspectives on current issues in their community.
Through these connected experiences, students develop and practice using their voices as advocates and activists through digital mediamaking.


H.Y.P.E. stands for literacy.

More than just tools and technology — students engage in pedagogical practices that help shift their identities from media spectators and consumers to media producers and social actors.
We expand students’ opportunities to access media online, critically analyze media messages, creatively produce their own media messages, ethically reflect on digital media habits and behaviors, and to take action.


H.Y.P.E. stands for access.

A persistent digital divide means that students and families have unequal access to technology and the skills to use these tools effectively.  We aim to break down these barriers.
Together with our partners, we are providing exciting new opportunities for students to learn and explore digital media tools, enhancing their learning, amplifying their voice, and developing important skills that are key to their success as learners and as citizens in a democracy.


H.Y.P.E. stands for collaboration.

We believe in creating an environment in which students, faculty and professionals are peers, and in which everyone has the comfort and ability to work truly alongside each other to meet goals — in or out of the classroom. 
We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with incredible individuals and organizations over the years, each as important as the last in making H.Y.P.E. what is is today.
publications, research projects, and conference presentations
teen-created projects
youth participants
college student peers
connected high school and college courses



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