by Garrett Frey

Garrett shares the very personal story of his father’s struggles with drugs and alcohol addiction and how it affected his immediate family. 

Actions for Today, Changes for Tomorrow

by Telisa Gardner, Ilisha Garay, Alex Gonzalez,
Richie Ramos, Talia Ortiz, and Nate Thomas

In spite of the rather negative common view surrounding Allentown, the teens set out to debunk that view by sharing what the city has to offer and how individuals do and can make the community better.

Inspiring Teachers to Inspire Us

By Anthony Rivera, Cheyenne Crawl, Graciela Santana and Kenneth West

In a school system dealing with large numbers of drop outs, what can teachers do to inspire students to stay in school?

We’re All Humans

By Garret Frey, Matt King, Daniel Ramos,
and Felix Rodrigues

Through the eyes and experiences of the teens, explore the struggles and the stigma of mental illness and how mentors play a pivotal role in how teens work through these issues.

The Best Part of Me 2011

Based on poems from The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald, this exercise combines illustrations and photographs with real children’s words describing what they love most about themselves.