The Misunderstanding of Teen Stress

By Candido Molina, Lyannette Guitierrez,
Mariah Velez, Erik Heiney and Camila Felipa 

Are teens understood when they talk to adults about stress?

School Safety

By Juan Garcia, Jacob Perez, Jai Walker,
and Amarion Farthing

In the aftermath of student-on-police violence at Allen High School, the teens look into school safety and what it means to teachers and students. 

Dominicans and Puerto Ricans as One!

By Erideily Garcia, Karibel Celestino,
Shakira Espadas, Nicholas Cruz,
and Aliesha Lighting
This documentary is a look at the impact that DR and PR culture has on communities.


By Anitza Mercado, Anthony Perez,
Jahfari Mejiaa and Trey Danvil

How does fashion impact you?

A Safe Place

By Starling Polanco, Fabiola Bourdon, Johnique Coston, and Javon Taylor

The Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center and Project Silk offer a safe place for open questioning, discussion and expression for the LGBT community in Allentown.