Amazing Teens, Amazing Movies

By Crystaneya Greene, Jack McNamara,
Eliana Nieves-Harris, and Steven Escalante

Taking a critical look at film reviews and the lack of youth voice inherent in them, the teens take their own shot at making their own.

Food Injustice

By Mileyna Gonzalez, Wendy Tafolla,
Leocadia Nzigirabarya, and Preston Souders

Americanized and soulless, fast food restaurants take culture and make alien culture-ish copies for mass consumption with disregard for the foods’ origins.

The Story and the Glory: 
The Benefits of Video Games

By Xavier Ros, Emmanel DeJesus, and Manel Rivas

Combating the view that playing video games is a waste of time, the teens explore the benefits of gaming.


By Felix DeLaRosa, Angelica Gotay,
Jailenne Garcia and Zileyrimar Ortiz

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the landscape for teens, especially through the advent of social media.