Phantoms in the Community

by Garrett Frey, Gracie Santana, and Andrea Ladr

Dissecting the proposed Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ), this documentary looks at the local benefits and risks of the proposed developments including a large arena and upscale retail and housing.

Behind These Walls

by Rachel Gaba, Kalayzia Harris, Cheyenne Crawl,
Garret Frey, Mala St. Aude, and Luis Garcia

Discrimination and hate within the community is a problem.  Why are so many community members unwilling to talk about it or are unable to recognize it?

One on Every Block

By Alejandro Gonzalez, Richie Ramos, Sardis Disla,
Jalal Khan, Emily Snyder, and Krish Damany

The teens look at how street art is perceived and represented in Allentown – the positive and negative effects, and how artists are creating beauty in their community.

No Justice, No Peace

By Anthony Rivera, Graciela Santana,
Frankie Santana, and Angela Yowakim

This documentary takes a meta-approach documenting the production team exploring and creating a documentary about racial stereotypes, racism, and violence through the case of Treyvon Martin.

The Best Part of Me 2012

Based on poems from The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald, this exercise combines illustrations and photographs with real children’s words describing what they love most about themselves.