Youth Recreation 

by Louise Zver

Featuring some of the city’s most attractive parks, and others in need of repair, this film documents the importance of open, safe and creative spaces for youth recreation. 

Young Girls United

by Hydrea Hankerson, Laquanda Thomas
and Iesha Pridgen

Through step dancing, these young girls find a source of recreation, exercise, friendship and pride.


by Christian Roman

This film reveals a young filmmaker wrestling with the best and worst parts of school. Taking aim at uniforms and meaningless homework, the film leaves audiences hopeful with the powerful memory of a third-grade teacher.

The Good, the Bad, and the Difference

by Bobbi Ann Gabriel and Kirstin O’Hare

Some say graffiti is art, but from the perspective of these young filmmakers, graffiti detracts from the beauty and pleasure of community parks where children play.

Dirty Litter

by Joan O’Hare and Ashley Marie Roman

This informative film documents the efforts of Allentown community members to keep the city litter-free and exposes some of the common myths about litter.

Answer Me This

by Jasmine Jones and Anthony Jones

This piece asks question after question about the criminalization of students, the state of the facilities, and the lack of basic necessities at Allen High School.


by Zana Zver

Organized cheerleading teams can offer young people a positive form of exercise and community. But, as this film exposes, the high costs of membership are nothing to cheer about. The film raises important questions about who has access to organized afterschool recreation.


The Best Part of Me 2006

Based on poems from The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald, this exercise combines illustrations and photographs with real children’s words describing what they love most about themselves.